Family Cyber Protection

Coverage for your family.

Individuals and families face many of the same risks corporations face including malware attacks, online fraud, and data breaches. Computers, phones, entertainment systems, household appliances, and “smart” home technology expose individuals and families to a range of personal cyber risks.

Connected devices that are found in a typical home collect and exchange data over the internet, leaving families vulnerable and often times unaware of a potential security breach.

Family Cyber Protection Coverage

Family Cyber Protection is comprehensive insurance coverage that protects individuals and families from a range of personal cyber risks which are often unforeseen, costly, and not covered under most homeowners insurance policies.

Family Cyber Protection offers coverage for:

Cyberattacks: Pays to recover data and restore systems that have been lost or damaged due to a cyber-attack (including attacks involving malware), as well as the unauthorized use of owned or leased computers, mobile devices, and connected home devices.

Cyber Extortion: Provides payments and professional assistance in responding to cyber extortion demands based on a credible threat to damage, disable, deny access to or disseminate content from devices, systems, or data.

Online Fraud: Covers online fraud that results in a direct financial loss to the policyholder.

Data Breach Coverage: Notifies and pays for services to affected individuals in the event that private personal data entrusted to a household resident is breached.

Cyberbullying: Pays for the costs an individual may incur being the victim of a cyberbullying attack.

Please talk to your insurance agent about adding Family Cyber Protection to your Mutual of Enumclaw Homeowners policy.

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