5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Cybercrime

December 2023

A mom and a kid are doing online schoolwork together on a computer tablet.

Wireless connected devices have become increasingly commonplace in our homes.

However, the convenience of connecting computers, laptops, and smartphones to Wi-Fi—plus smart devices like baby monitors, refrigerators, fire alarms, and door locks—also makes us more vulnerable to cybercrime.

Phishing emails—deceptive emails that seem to come from a trusted source—can also appear surprisingly realistic. Let’s look at an example: The email says it’s from your friend Deborah, so you innocently open the file she sent, only to unleash a virus that has now infected your computer.

In many cases, you will now have to hire an outside expert to reformat your hard drive, reinstall the operating system and software, and restore data from the backup.

Then, there’s the matter of any personal information that might have been stolen and how it might be used. The fallout could be significant. (With Cyber Protection, after a $500 deductible, many of these losses will be covered by Mutual of Enumclaw.)

Five Easy Ways to Be Cyber Smart

1. Think before You Click
Even if an email looks like it’s from a familiar sender, beware of attachments. Don’t reply to the email either. The sender’s email might have been compromised. Instead, verify with the sender in a separate email that they included an attachment and what it is before opening it.

2. Verify Any Request for Private Info
It’s wise to always verify the identity of anyone requesting your private information, even if you think it’s safe. It’s also not a bad idea to regularly check your financial statements and credit reports.

3. Protect Your Passwords
Long, strong, and unique are the best kinds of passwords to create. Use multifactor authentication (MFA) whenever possible. Employ different passwords for different accounts. Don’t let apps and websites “remember” your passwords. Or take the pressure off having to keep track of your numerous passwords and subscribe to a password manager like Keeper or NordPass, for example. 

4. Keep Your Devices, Browsers, and Apps Up to Date
To make software updates easier, select the setting that allows automatic updates whenever possible. Periodically, restart your devices to make sure updates are fully installed.

5. Back Up Your Stuff

You never know when you’ll need a backup. Have an external hard drive in your home for your laptop or desktop. You can also back up important documents and data in the cloud by subscribing to a service like Carbonite.

What to Do If You Become a Victim of Cybercrime

 If you suspect a security breach, don’t wait to react. Contact us right away. We’re here to help you through it every step of the way.

If the Worst Happens, We’ve Got You.

At Mutual of Enumclaw, we want you to enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity while knowing that if the worst happens, it’s going to be okay.

Our  Cyber Protection coverage protects you, your family, and your home from a range of personal cyber risks, including cyberattacks, online fraud, data breaches, and even cyberbullying. We’re here to help you write letters, file police reports, and contact companies and banks, if necessary.

Peace of mind is at your fingertips with our Cyber Protection coverage―and for only $50 a year. Talk to your local independent agent about adding this coverage to your policy, or contact our Member Services team.

Learn more about our Cyber Protection coverage.


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