Everything You Need to Know About Service Lines

May 2024

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If you don’t know what service lines are, you’re not alone. Simply put, underground service lines connect your home to electricity, gas, water, sewer, internet, and cable lines. They run through or underneath your property and connect your house to a city’s main supply for these services. This also includes pipes that run from a well, spring, or septic tank into your home.

Service lines include:

  • Power lines
  • Natural gas lines
  • Phone and cable lines
  • Water lines
  • Waste disposal and sewer piping
  • Fiber optics
  • Internet lines
  • Drainage pipes
  • Private wells and septic systems

The last thing you want to worry about is a burst water main or damage to your gas or electricity lines. While the city is generally responsible for the main lines, homeowners are often responsible if a line break happens on their property.

You might assume that basic homeowners insurance covers damage and repairs to service lines. In fact, that is not the case. Sometimes, the homeowner may be responsible for damage to their property and the street. That’s why we offer very affordable Service Line coverage to our members.

Service Line Coverage: Only $50 a Year

As a member of Mutual of Enumclaw, we want to do all we can to give you peace of mind. We make our Service Line coverage available for only $50 a year.

Water spraying from a burst water line pipe.

Water and Sewer Are the Most Common Service Line Issues
Service lines are usually installed when a home is being built. Older pipes, especially water and sewer lines, are more at risk of cracking and bursting due to wear and tear, tree roots, freezing pipes, and accidental damage from digging—like when you have a big home renovation project and someone unwittingly hits a pipe or a water pipe cracks due to freezing temperatures. Repairing the damage can be very costly.

What If I Accidentally Damage the Line? 
Let’s say you’re outside doing some landscaping and you accidentally damage a service line. No problem. You are covered whether you damaged the service line or someone else caused the issue.

We’re Here When Accidents Happen

Service lines are literally out of sight and often out of mind. Most homeowners policies don’t cover the repair to the line and the damage to the home and property. That’s why we offer Service Line coverage that’s both affordable and comprehensive. We want you to know that we’re thinking about the unforeseen, so you don’t have to.

Talk to your local independent agent about adding this coverage to your policy, or contact our Member Services team.


The information we share on our site is intended to serve as a general overview. Please refer to your policy or contact your local independent agent for specific coverage details.


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