Ready Your Teen Driver for the Road—and Save

September 2023

A teen girl focuses on her driving skills as she learns how to drive a car alongside an instructor in the passenger seat.

Do you have a teen who’s approaching driving age?

Every parent appreciates the stress that can accompany that big change. You’re concerned about their safety—and how much adding them to your policy is going to cost you. The truth is, your rates will increase (no matter your insurance company, state, or car) potentially by as much as 176 percent.1

We all understand why. Because of their lack of experience, teen drivers are simply more likely to make mistakes when on the road. Being new, exciting, and maybe a little scary, driving brings distractions and peer pressure that can lead to missteps. Just consider that teens are five times more likely to make risky maneuvers out on the road than their parents.1

That’s why Mutual of Enumclaw offers teenSMART®—a driver safety program aimed at helping your teen driver get better faster. The program offers a blend of interactive lessons and real-world activities designed to help beginning drivers deal with issues that can lead to accidents.

The teenSMART program works.

Data shows that teen drivers who have completed the teenSMART program experience up to 49 percent fewer collisions than those who haven’t taken the course.2 That means they, and their parents, file fewer insurance claims too.

Here’s something else to note: Once your teen completes the program successfully, listed household drivers up to the age of 21 will receive a significant discount on their auto policy. You have a better driver in your home and a lower rate on your policy, a win-win.

What your teen needs for teenSMART:

To enroll your teen driver in the teenSMART program, here's what they'll need:

  • A driver’s license or learner’s permit
  • A licensed parent or adult driver (25 years or older) to complete the supervised driving lessons with
  • A PC or Mac that meets minimum technical specifications
  • An internet connection
  • Approximately eight hours

Get Started Today

Learn everything you need to know about the teenSMART program at

The training typically runs $119.95―except for Mutual of Enumclaw members who pay only $69.95 when they use the discount code ENUMCLAW.

Maybe you have more than one teen driver in your home? If so, you can save with the teenSMART completion discount. Once the first driver finishes the program, additional licenses are just $49.95.

Visit, or call 1-877-233-7879 to enroll and get started.

Making lives easier—and safer.

Mutual of Enumclaw is proud to offer the teenSMART driver training program as one more expression of our commitment to thoughtful service. If you have questions about adding a teen driver to your policy or have any other insurance questions, reach out to one of our independent agent partners. They can explain your coverage options, identify any available discounts, and help ensure that what you love most is protected. Find an agent near you.


1 “A shiny new license is a dangerous thing.” Mark Vallet, January 26, 2015.

2 "teenSMART: Helping drivers avoid crashes and injuries." Adept Driver.

The information we share on our site is intended to serve as a general overview. Please refer to your policy or contact your local independent agent for specific coverage details.