Paperless Option: Frequently Asked Questions

Paperless Option: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Paperless option work?  
When you sign up for our Paperless option, you will receive notifications by email when billing and/or policy documents are available to be viewed on our Member Site (bills, EFT change notices, late payment notices, policy declarations, etc.). Once on the site you will have the option to view documents and to make payments (in addition to other available site features).

What kind of equipment or software will I need to access the Mutual of Enumclaw Member Site so that I can view documents online?
  • First, you will need an online profile on our Member Site 
  • A device (Desktop computer, Smart Phone, or Tablet) with specific types of software or applications installed:
    • Internet Browser: to access our Member Site
    • Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer: to view your policy/billing documents
    • For Mobile App Users: Download (or update) the latest version of our Mobile App to access your account information and documents  

Which email address will you use to send these notifications?
Whichever email address you have indicated on the Paperless enrollment page of our Member Site. Please make sure to let us know if your email address changes by updating your online profile on our Member Site.

What will happen if there is an issue that prevents the delivery of a notification email?
If an email is returned to us as undeliverable, we will attempt to reach you to obtain a valid email address and resend the email.  If we are unable to obtain a valid email address, we will send you a paper version of the relevant document and you will be unenrolled from the Paperless option.  You will receive paper versions of all future notices via United States Postal Service (USPS). You can re-enroll in the Paperless option by providing a corrected, valid email address and completing the enrollment process again. Please note that we are not responsible for problems arising from emails sent to an inactive or out-of-date email address.

In addition to keeping your email address up to date, please make sure that your email account has sufficient space for new emails and that your email server and spam-blocking software do not block our emails.

How do I go back to receiving bills and other notices by mail?  
To unenroll, simply visit the Paperless Management page on the Member Site and uncheck “enroll” box and submit. We will start mailing paper documents going forward.   You can also contact our Member Services department or your agent for assistance.

My policy is set to renew in a couple of months. Will I need to reenroll in Paperless?
No. Your Paperless enrollment will apply to all future renewals, continuations, replacements, and changes to any policy or billing account(s).

How may I obtain printed copies of billing documents?
If you are unable to view or print your notices from our website, you may request paper copies, free of charge, at any time. The paper copy will be mailed to your postal address via USPS. You may request a paper copy by calling a Member Services Representative at 855-272-8431, or by contacting your agent.

Updated 1/10/2018