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A Thoughtful Approach for Teen Drivers

by Michael Cousins | Nov 03, 2015
We believe that helping teens become better, safer drivers is the best and most thoughtful way to address teen driver rates.

When you add a teen driver to your policy, regardless of which insurance company you use, where you live, or what kind of car you own, your rates will go up. It’s not uncommon to experience “sticker shock” when learning how much your rates will increase. Driving is a serious responsibility, and if you have a teen driver it’s important to be sure they’re prepared. 

Introducing teenSMART®: Thoughtful Training for Teen Drivers

teenSMART is a computer-based driver safety program that combines interactive lessons and real-world activities. teenSMART addresses the six behavioral and social factors that cause more than 90% of all teen collisions: visual search, hazard detection, speed adjustment, space management, risk perception, and lifestyle issues (including distracted driving). Teens who complete the teenSMART program have up to 30% fewer collisions and insurance claims.

Please visit our teen driver page to learn more about the teenSMART program, the Mutual of Enumclaw teenSMART discount, and ordering information.

Our Thoughtful Approach for Teen Drivers: Additional Resources

If you have a new teen driver, be sure they learn to be thoughtful and safe on the roads. We have some suggestions to help you when teaching your teen how to drive. 
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