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Thoughtful Technology: A user review of our Mobile App

by Michael Cousins | Sep 12, 2013
Our mobile app was recently tested by an employee and policyholder who is very passionate about delivering world class customer service. Mutual of Enumclaw President & CEO, Eric Nelson needed to file an auto glass claim and took our mobile app for a test drive.

Here is how he described his experience:

Cracking Up in Enumclaw

So I am driving along enjoying the day when all of a sudden BAM! A rock that must have had wings of some kind targeted my windshield and hit it so hard that not only did it take a divot out of the glass the glass cracked all the way across. No repairs here, this would require a replacement. Darn.

Now I needed to file a claim and while I could have taken advantage of “presidential status” and just walked down the hallway to our claims department I decided to test out our mobile phone app claims function.

So here I go… I turn on my phone, I select the Enumclaw logo icon and when the app comes up I touch the button labeled “windshield damage”. Yes, even I could figure that out. It dials up the glass network who hooks me up with the local glass shop and Ta Da!… I have a new windshield the next day. Very Cool.

What was also very cool was that when the glass shop needed information like policy number, vehicle VIN number, deductible, etc… it was all right there on my phone. If you haven’t checked out our mobile app recently I encourage you to do so. 

I almost hope my car breaks down just so I can use the towing and roadside assistance button!


When it comes to mobile apps, these days there’s one for everything. We think the best apps are the ones that help us demonstrate that we are ready to serve at a moment’s notice.